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moNolith46® „Nitrogen Loss Prevention”

Discover the urease inhibitor moNolith46®

Prevent ammonia losses from urea fertilizers

moNolith46® „Nitrogen Loss Prevention” is intended for situations in which volatilization from surface applied urea or UAN is a concern. moNolith46® works by blocking the activity of urease enzymes, thus preventing urea from being broken down into volatile ammonia gas (NH₃). Stopping or slowing urease activity at the soil surface allows time for rainfall to move the urea deeper into the soil where it is protected. Beneath the soil surface urea can be converted to ammonium ion (NH₄+) a useable plant-uptake form of nitrogen. If rainfall is not in the immediate forecast and immediate soil incorporation is not possible, moNolith46® „Nitrogen Loss Prevention” reduces nitrogen losses due to volatilization. moNolith46® contains urease inhibitor NBPT, the most researched and checked in field practice, current market standard

The benefits of the urease inhibitor in moNolith46® realized as a result of the delayed urea hydrolysis include the following:

Extended nitrogen availability

Nutrient nitrogen is available to the plant over a longer period of time.

Stable and safe urea level

Excessive build-up of ammonia in the soil following the application of urea containing fertilizer is avoided.

Reduction of nitrogen losses

The potential for nitrogen loss through ammonia volatilization is reduced by 80 % in case of solid urea and 45 % in case of UAN.

Plant protection against damage

The potential for damage by high levels of ammonia to seedlings and young plants is reduced due to increased plant uptake of nitrogen.

Yield increase by 5-7%

Depending on the urea fertilizer used, crop management practice and climatic conditions, an 5-7 % increase in yields of winter wheat can be achieved.

There are currently two formulations of moNolith46® „Nitrogen Loss Prevention”:
  • moNolith46_Yellow® „Nitrogen Loss Prevention” for UAN is intended for on-farm tank mixing with UAN solutions and is recommended at a rate of 1-1.5 liter/ cu. m of UAN solution.
  • moNolith46_Green® „Nitrogen Loss Prevention” for granular urea is for blenders to treat granular urea before fertilizer is packed and shipped to farmers. Recommended to use at a rate of 1.5-2 liters / ton of urea.
Why to choose moNolith46®_Yellow „Nitrogen Loss Prevention” for UAN?
1 ton of UAN 32 contains 343 kg urea which is a half of total nitrogen content in this solution. Therefore there is a reason to fully utilize amid nitrogen present in UAN. This can be attained by pouring moNolith46_Yellow „Nitrogen Loss Prevention” into UAN. This is an easy and not complicated activity performed by farmer itself. Moreover moNolith46®_Yellow „Nitrogen Loss Prevention” can be used jointly with all so far examined plant protection compounds. In case of gliphosate it is recommended to stir solution while spraying. Recommended practice is to make „jar test” before preparing mixture.
Why to choose moNolith46®_Green „Nitrogen Loss Prevention” for urea?
If you have guarantee of sufficient amount of rain which dissolves urea fast and immediately introduces it in soil is good. But, if you have not got such guarantee use moNolith46®_Green „Nitrogen Loss Prevention” because applying not stabilized urea you can loose up to 30 % contained in it nitrogen. Urease inhibitor in moNolith46®_Green „Nitrogen Loss Prevention” is a first line of defence against ammonia loss inhibiting natural chemical process leading to this loss.
For a penny moNolith46®_Green „Nitrogen Loss Prevention” protects your money from volatilizing into the air. As a result one attains higher yield due to better nitrogen utilization contained in urea.

Presentation Assessment of urease inhibitor in improving the efficiency and reliability of urea containing fertilizers applied on topsoil in Poland

The results of the four-year research were presented at the international fertilizer conference in Warsaw on May 10-12, 2022.
The conference was organized by the world-famous trade journal New Agriculture International and focused on topics related to biostimulants and stabilized fertilizers.
The conference was attended by scientists and practitioners from many countries around the world.


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Certificate EU-type examination No. CE-B/4/22/BS

Regulation (EU) 2019/1009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 5 June 2019

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